Merry Christmas

2012-12-24 10:16:43 by Qikalain

Hey I wish you all merry christmas and a happy new year. have a good time, now that the world keeps turning!!

Shadow of the Sun card game - Kickstarter Project

2012-10-24 13:46:53 by Qikalain

Woah I'm happy to annouce that Small Box Games started their new Kickstarter project. I was able to illustrate one of the 3 games they try to make: Shadow of the Sun. You find all infos here: s/shadow-of-the-sun-the-valkyrie-incident-and-st one

Small Box Games will make three games this game in a period of 20 days:

The Valkyrie Incident

Relic and Stone

Shadow of the Sun

If you are interested please support the game. If you can't or don't want to afford it, but you feel like helping please spread the message. Tell it to everyone, tell it your friends, your mom and your dog. Retweet it, do whatever you like! Really eager to see what happens with the game, as this is the first offical thing i worked on, that will get printed. I'm actually standing while tying this.

If you want to know more about Small Box Games or their past games:

Shadow of the Sun card game - Kickstarter Project

Wow Frontpaged/Robotday 2012

2012-07-11 09:40:40 by Qikalain

Wow i participated with a entry for the robotday 2012 contest and got frontpaged yesterday. I'm really happy about that, it seems like its kind of like the daily deviation on deviantart. Even if I'm too late i wish everyone a happy Robotday!!